Hand Painted Saws                         

All artwork  Copyrighted 2019  by Joseph and Christine  Pagano. All Rights Reserved. Use of artwork in any form
without the expressed written consent of the artist is prohibited.

If you need more specific information or have any questions, please send an email to
Please check out the newest addition to the artwork we have to offer.  Hand painted saws have been
popular for quite  some time.  These nostalgic, vintage beauties are both a collector's heirloom and
an original piece of art. All saws are painted with acrylic paints, then sealed with a lacquer spray.

Prices vary according to the complexity of the design and the age and value of the saw.
Custom orders welcome. If you have a saw you would like painted, please email us. We cater to
collectors and love custom orders.
These are just a few of the pieces we have to offer . More will be added as completed.
Pintail Takeoff
original acrylic painting on vintage saw