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Walnut Street Studio
Fine Art and Photography
Joseph Pagano
Christine Scheidler Pagano
P.O.Box 423
Wiconisco, PA 17097
Walnut Street Studio
Fine Art and Photography
is the brainchild of two local artists, Joseph
Pagano and Chris Scheidler Pagano. The
studio is located in the mountains of Central
Pennsylvania in the scenic Lykens Valley and
offers original oil paintings, photographic
images, handcrafted shadowboxes and
woodworking of land, sea and wildlife.
All artwork  Copyrighted 2014  by Joseph Pagano and Christine Scheidler Pagano.
All Rights Reserved. Use of artwork in any form without the expressed written
consent of the artists is prohibited.
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Overview Dragon Alliance- Rise against Shadow

When a young dragonrider named Mkel and his dragon, Gallanth, begin
having visions of the last horrendous war that the Dragon Alliance Republic
fought against the Morgathian Empire, they realize that these visions are
warning them of a rising darkness and battle yet to come.

But as they train their soldiers for the war ahead, they discover that the
Morgathians aren't their only enemy; someone within the Alliance is
conspiring against them. To make matters worse, a group of power-hungry
senators known as the Party of the Enlightened are collaborating to bring
about the Alliance's destruction.

Worried by their newfound foes and forever haunted by the death of his
father, Mkel must find a way to put the past behind him and bring his troops
together if he and Gallanth hope to overcome these threats. But with the odds
stacked against them and many difficult battles ahead, Mkel can't help but
wonder if he-or the Alliance-will survive.

Book can be purchased at the links below-----
Cover Art Work By Chris Scheidler Pagano
for the newly released novels-
"Dragon Alliance- Rise against Shadow"
"Dragon Alliance - " Dark Storm"
Dragon Alliance at Amazon
Dragon Alliance at Barnes and Noble
Dragon Alliance at Inspiring Voices

Overview Dragon Alliance- Dark Storm

The Dragon Alliance Republic, the beacon of light and hope of freedom
for the world, is now being threatened by dark clouds on its horizon. In
Dark Storm, the second book in the Dragon Alliance series, the dragons
and sorcerers of the Morgathian Empire go on the offensive.

Mkel and his mighty gold dragon, Gallanth-the most powerful rider and
evil chromatic dragons as well as difficult decisions that could cost their
lives and those of their soldiers. They must also be on guard as their
adversary, the evil arch dragon Tiamat and her Talon Covenant, starts to
execute their diabolical plan.

Meanwhile, a large-scale battle erupts in the fire giant lands as their huge
army tries to invade the eastern border of the Alliance. The dragonriders,
targeted by a secret order of assassins, must prepare to fight the
deadliest threat the Alliance has seen since the Great War.

Book can be purchased at the links below--
Dragon Alliance - Dark Storm at Amazon
Dragon Alliance- Dark Storm at Barnes and Noble
Dragon Alliance- Dark Storm at Inspiring Voices

Covered Bridge Festival-- Knobels Grove, Elysburg, PA ------October 2-5, 2014
Daniel Boone Optimist Club Holiday Show--- Daniel Boone Middle School, Douglassville, PA --December 6 & 7, 2014